Why Up-Cycle Classic Dutch City Bikes?

The idea was inspired in The Netherlands where there are more bikes than people. Daily thousands of bikes are abandoned that will ultimately be scrapped. We saw an opportunity to revitalize these abandoned bicycles which have decades of life left in them. Our culture misses opportunities to be less wasteful and we simply couldn’t resist this opportunity to stop the cycle of waste.


Classic Dutch bikes were made of high quality steel, hand-made in Holland, and designed with unique style features. Their philosophy was to build a bike that lasted the lifetime of the buyer. Their classic look is timeless and the makeover they receive breaths new life into them. We use premium components when restoring a Revital Bike, because we want it to last another lifetime.


Revital Bikes are fast, comfortable, easy to operate and one of a kind.

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Revitalize People

At Revital Bikes, we start with people in need. Our core mission is to bring dignity to communities by providing sustainable opportunity to change their circumstances for the better. We provide work opportunities to people who have limited choices to improve their living conditions. 

Revitalize Bikes

Our bikes have a big story and we hope you become part of it. All Revital Bikes are restored with care and attention and hand painted by budding artists. We only choose classic European bikes which satisfy a myriad of design, construction and quality specifications. Not a single bike we produce has the same design or history, it's truly the most unique bike in the world.

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Revitalize Our Planet

Our bikes change the world for the better by reducing the cycle of waste and encouraging everyone to choose a healthy lifestyle. We also take care to limit the use of non-renewable materials in our design options, production and shipping. Revital Bikes are comfortable, fast, and they are perfect for all urban environments and provide an excellent alternative to carbon based transportation.  

Our Partner

Hope of Life International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who  strives to save the lives of people in need. They provide valuable humanitarian care to the people of Guatemala. By purchasing a Revital Bike you are directly helping Guatemalans in need and empowering Hope of Life to fulfill their mission.

To learn more about Hope of Life and their noble outreach, view their website and follow them on social media.

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